Raghad Al Taleb

Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of Rochester
University of Rochester
Best thing about KGSP:
Meeting new people with interesting diverse minds through the many events and networking opportunities KGSP offers. I am always inspired by the intellectual people surrounding me.
Best experience so far / How KGSP helped me:
My educational experience in the United States flourished through the diversity inside and outside the classroom. Learning in this multicultural environment helped me become more creative and culturally aware.
Advice for newbies:
Remember that learning also happens outside of the classroom, find a balance and be socially active, make friends, join clubs, and experience college in the US. Utilize the amazing resources and opportunities that KGSP offers. Explore the community that you are now a part of has people with amazing achievements and are passionate about things you might not know existed. Learning about different fields and interests will help you become more adaptable and creative.
Research Interests:
Signal Processing, wireless communications, machine learning and data mining

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