Open applications for the AY2023-2024 are now closed. For those with current and open applications, please follow very closely the deadline instructions you would have received.


Who may apply to the KAUST Gifted Student Program (KGSP)?

You must be a Saudi national who is also a Grade 12 student during the 2023-2024 academic year and who is available to commence University studies from the Fall of 2024.


How can I open my application?

To start an application, you can click HERE.


When will applications open?

Applications will open from January 14th, 2024.


When will applications close?

The application portal will close on February 3rd, 2024. Therefore, you must have an active application by that date. If you have an existing application, you will be able to update it with additional information.


Will there be an application fee?

Yes, there will be a one-time fee of SAR200 (two hundred SAR). You may only make one application per person.


TESTING Expectations

What are the minimum testing expectations in order to apply?

Test Minimum Accepted Score
Qodorat 90
SAT 1350 (with a minimum of 700 SAT Math)

*in lieu of a minimum TOEFL score, a minimum IELTS score of 7.0 or a minimum SAT Reading/Writing score of 650 will be accepted.


What if I have not taken any of the above tests?

If you have not taken any English language test, we strongly urge you to choose a TOEFL IBT Home Edition and not an IELTS test. If you have not taken a SAT or Qodorat test, we strongly urge you to take the next available test.


What if I do not have the test scores by February 3rd which is when the application portal closes?

That is ok as long as you have an open application on the portal and a committed time to take the tests at the earliest possible opportunity and submit the scores once received. KGSP admissions will not wait for test scores beyond what is acceptable to its admissions timeframes.


If I have secured all of the minimum scores (with the essay writing and other expected application information), will I be guaranteed an interview?



If I have not secured all of the minimum scores, should I still apply?

Yes, you should still apply. In this case, an interview is at the full discretion of the KGSP admission team.



Are there aspects to my application other than testing requirements?

Yes, other than filling out the personal details which we require, essay writing is key. We want to understand what you wish to achieve and how this will benefit the Kingdom, KAUST and you.


What other expectations are there when making an application to the KGSP?

There are two types of students who will arrive at KGSP Cohort 16. There are students who immediately become Freshmen at selected Universities, ‘DUG’ and students who enter a Foundation Year program, ‘FY’.

For students who wish to become a DUG Cohort 16 student, we will place advantageous attention to students who secure places of study with US based Universities only on the Arruaad Path or the Emdad Path which are provided by the KSA Ministry of Education. Every applicant is expected to apply to a Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques scholarship.

It is also expected that all applicants will review the sixteen (16) KAUST graduate fields-of-study at KAUST and choose an undergraduate field-of-study which is congruous to entering KAUST as a graduate student. Non-STEM fields of study will not be accepted.


If I already have an offer from an Arruaad or Emdad path University, is there any advantage to my application?

You are expected to follow our testing requirements like any other applicant. That said, it is important that you include your Arruaad or Emdad pathway University acceptance with your application.


When will I hear if I have an interview with KGSP?

Interviews will take place throughout February and March, 2024.


When will I hear if I have an offer from KGSP?

Offers will be sent from March, 2024 and onwards until the full Cohort 16 is finally selected.


Can I defer an offer to the Fall of 2025 or otherwise?



What advice can you offer when applying to KGSP?

It is key that you provide the information we request in a timely manner. It is also key that you understand the ambitions of the Kingdom, KAUST and yourself. We want to hear your story – we are looking forward to learning about who you are, what you wish to achieve, and how you intend on pursuing your path in life.