Enrichment Highlight: SC 19 Conference

In November 2019, seven KGSP students were invited to attend the 2019 International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, Storage, Analysis Conference (SC19) in Denver, Colorado to represent the KGSP by joining attending KAUST faculty and students.  Now in its 31st year, this annual conference brings together a diverse community of students, researchers, scientists, developers, and computer industry specialists to participate in exceptional programming of technical presentations, papers, informative tutorials and research posters.  For the KGSP students, conferences like these serve as vital resources for academic discourse, professional skill-building, and networking.

Hussain AlmattarAt the KAUST exhibition booth, KGSP students assisted KAUST faculty in promoting the University and its groundbreaking computational research.  They also supported conference attendees as they partook in an immersive 3D virtual reality experience of the brain featured at the booth, a resource constructed and utilized by KAUST’s Visual Computing Center.

Hussain Almattar, a sophomore majoring in Mathematics at the University of Rochester, proudly represented KAUST at the exhibition booth, expressing that it was great way for him to show his appreciation to the KGSP and to become better acquainted Maryam Almaskinwith members of the KAUST faculty.  Hussain also prioritized attending panel discussions--especially those pertaining to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence--in order to apply this information to his research endeavors.

Maryam Almaskin, a sophomore at Texas A&M University majoring in Applied Mathematical Sciences, reports looking forward to taking more computer science classes after learning about the many new developments in Super Computing at SC19.

For more information on KAUST’s participation at SC19, visit https://kaust.edu.sa/sc19/index.html and https://soundcloud.com/sciencetown/bonus-computing-extremely