December Graduates



College graduation is the culmination of years of demanding work for undergraduates. Over the last four years, KGSP students spent innumerable hours studying, preparing for exams, growing and learning while working toward earning their bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. The majority of KGSP students finished their degrees in May or June, but the eight KGSP seniors who graduated in December 2022 represent some of the KGSP’s most accomplished students.


With consistent support from the KGSP, these December graduates worked diligently not only to graduate but also to develop well-rounded skills that will serve them in the future. They interned at companies like ARAMCO, Goldman, Sachs & Co and Siemens Health, as well as conducted research at KAUST and various U.S. institutions. During their rigorous school years, a few of these students also participated in conferences and took part in extra-curricular activities, helping further expand their knowledge and develop their network


“I have had the honor of working with many of these students during their KGSP journeys, and I am impressed with their dedication, commitment and resolve,” Shannon Gibson, Sr. Advising Manager, noted. “Graduation marks the end of an important era, and I am eager to see how these students impact KAUST and continue to contribute to the Kingdom.”


The KGSP recognizes and congratulates the following December 2022 graduates and welcomes them to the KGSP Alumni community:


Lama Osama A BAHANAN, Georgia Institute of Technology, Biomedical Engineering 

Renad Ali A ALHASSANI, Michigan State University, Mechanical Engineering


Kenana Osama S ABUALSAUD, North Carolina State University, Biochemistry


Ali Mohammed S ALMUALLIM, Pennsylvania State University-University Park Campus, Mechanical Engineering


Mahdi Mohammed M BU ALI, Purdue University, Computer Science, Mathematics, and Honors Statistics


Mohammed Abdulaziz M ALNAMKANI, Purdue University, Computer Science


Ali Hussain A ALSHAIKHHUSSAIN, University of California, Davis, Computer Engineering


Bader Talal A ABDULMAJEED, University of Pittsburgh, Computer Science