Building Personal and Professional Connections in Boston

As a new college freshman, KGSP student Lujain Khusheim relied on the close guidance, support, and encouragement from her KGSP advisor to seamlessly transition from high school in Saudi Arabia to the competitive biomedical engineering undergraduate program at Boston University.

Lujain and her KGSP advisor maintained weekly email and phone communication, which facilitated quick resolutions to any questions that arose, and in turn allowed Lujain to focus her attention on succeeding in her new environment.  With her advisor’s encouragement, Lujain also began utilizing on-campus support services like peer study groups, which helped her master the demands of coursework while expanding her circle of friends.

Early in the fall semester Lujain and her advisor also discussed strategies to grow her professional network, specifically by establishing and maintaining connections with BU faculty members.   With this guidance, Lujain quickly gained the networking confidence and knowledge she needed to identify and pursue possible internship opportunities.   Despite only being in her first year of college, Lujain was thrilled to be offered a summer position at BU in the lab of Assistant Professor Xue Han, to work on Bio-Engineering of Molecular Sensors. She is confident that this experience will help her grow both academically and professionally. 

KGSP advisors actively support students through customized mentoring and best practices for the specific student profile and university. As a result, KGSP student outcomes are enhanced and students are prepared to secure more advanced research opportunities earlier in their academic career.