2024 Spring Site Visits


This spring, KGSP student Advisors conducted site visits at campuses across the country. Site visits offer an opportunity for Advisors and students to interact in-person and discuss students’ academic progress and their overall well-being on-campus at their home universities. These in-person meetings also provide a great opportunity for students to connect with their fellow KGSP peers through fun group activities. 

Site Visit_NCSU

Image 1: KGSP Foundation Year Advisor Huziafa Potia at Iftar with students from North Carolina State University.

During their visits, advisors reviewed summer enrichment opportunities and the KGSP expectations with their students. All KGSP students are required to participate in at least one enrichment activity over summer break. These activities, which range from industrial internships to research fellowships, aim to advance students’ knowledge and skillsets in their respective academic fields, and to expose them to new topics as they grow their career and academic networks. The Advising and Enrichment teams support students in identifying and choosing enrichment opportunities that align with their interests, help them achieve their goals, and enhance their academic journeys.

Image 2: KGSP students at the University of California, San Diego during a dinner hosted by undergraduate advisor Rawan Shattah.

Site visits also foster community building within the KGSP community. During the month of Ramadan, KGSP Foundation Year (FY) Advisor Huzaifa Potia hosted an Iftar dinner for his students at North Carolina State University, where students wore university apparel in support of the NC State Wolfpack basketball teams. Abdullah Alshubrumi, an FY student at NC State, said in-person visits with his advisor offered a welcomed break in his routine and an opportunity to get together with other KGSP students. “Having Ramadan Iftar with Mr. Huzaifa and the whole group was the best thing that happened during the visit and the most interesting thing that happened in the spring semester,” Abdullah said. In California, Undergraduate Advisor Rawan Shattah visited students at the University of California, San Diego, where she also hosted an Iftar with her students. KGSP students at New York University met with their Advisor Sameera Sheikh for a night of burgers and video games. In Austin, Texas, FY Advisor Susanna Renfrow celebrated five April birthdays with her students at the University of Texas at Austin. And students at the University of California, Berkeley were treated to a group dinner by Undergraduate Advisor Leah Jeedas.

Advisors play a vital role in the KGSP as they actively promote students’ educational and professional growth. Through understanding student interests and engaging with them on campus, KGSP Advisors help foster a stronger community. The KGSP is proud to offer a crucial source of support to the student community through the availability of Advisors.