Highlighting KGSP Students During Women’s History Month


The KGSP is proud to recognize the accomplishments of its female students this Women’s History Month. Every day, KGSP students exemplify the potential of women across the globe, through their academic, professional, and personal achievements, as they continue to serve their communities as changemakers in and beyond the world of STEM.

Juri Alhuthali

Image 1: Juri Alhuthali, University of California, Los Angeles, Physics

Juri Alhuthali, a junior at the University of California, Los Angeles majoring in Physics has served as Outreach Director at the American Nuclear Society (ANS) at UCLA since fall 2023. The chapter fosters community among students interested in any nuclear-related topics and increases engagement with communities around UCLA. Through her role, Juri encourages high school students to explore the fields of plasma and nuclear physics. “In collaboration with Project Hope at UCLA, I lead efforts to visit high schools across the United States, where we conduct engaging workshops and demonstrations on nuclear energy and plasma,” Juri said. “One of our most exciting demonstrations involves building a functioning Tesla coil, captivating the students' interest in these scientific phenomena.” Juri added that her role in the club has not only enriched her passion for physics, but also her desire to inspire young girls interested in the field. “I believe it's essential for girls, especially those who proudly display their culture and identity, to know that they are capable of achieving great things in any field they choose. The media does not define us; our capabilities and determination do.” In addition to ANS, Juri is also a member of the Women in Physical Science Club at UCLA, which has provided a space for her to connect with other women in her major. “This club offers a sense of belonging and mutual support, creating an environment where we can share experiences, challenges, and triumphs as women in the field of physics.” On her goals beyond the KGSP, Juri hopes to delve into the realms of plasma physics, quantum chromodynamics (QCD), or quantum computing. “My ambition is to bring this cutting-edge work to Saudi Arabia, contributing to keeping my country abreast of global advancements in these critical areas of science and technology. My ultimate objective is to establish myself as an excellent research candidate for my future time at KAUST and to make a significant mark in my chosen field.”

Ghala Buarish

Image 2: Ghala Buarish, New York University, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Another exemplary student, Ghala Buarish, a freshman at New York University (NYU) majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering, has been a member of Women @ Tandon at NYU since fall 2023, an initiative to form a supportive community for women in STEM at NYU’s Tandon School of Engineering. For Ghala, being a member of the club as a freshman has provided her the opportunity to network with other student engineers, technologists, and leaders. Apart from the club, Ghala also recently joined a data science bootcamp on campus to help widen her technical skills in programming and engineering. Through informational industry sessions and networking, Ghala hopes to secure her first internship this summer.

The KGSP celebrates the work and achievements of its community if changemakers this Women’s History Month, and every day! The Program continues to support women in STEM and looks forward to witnessing the impact of its students on the world.