Fall 2023 Extracurricular Activities


Throughout the fall semester, KGSP students pursued opportunities that contribute to well-rounded and holistic academic goals and aspirations. In addition to rigorous coursework, students participated in extracurricular activities at their home universities and communities that expanded their skills, introduced new knowledge, and helped them engage with university peers. With access to university platforms that advertise clubs and organizations alongside support from Advisors in identifying potential opportunities, the KGSP encourages students to pursue developmental activities that contribute to enriching their undergraduate careers.

Abdullah Fathi M Al Hamoud

Image 1: Abdullah Al Hamoud, Senior, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Computer Science

Abdullah Al Hamoud, a senior at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst majoring in Computer Science, has served as President of the UMass Mobile Development Club since fall 2023. His tenure has focused on leading projects primarily focused on the intersection of computer science and business. “My motivation for joining the Mobile Development Club was driven by a desire to lead and manage projects within the tech sphere, especially in areas not covered by our curriculum,” Abdullah said. “This club provided the perfect platform to integrate my business acumen with my computer science background. Under our leadership, the club has seen the development of several [mobile] applications, which stands as a testament to our collaborative achievements and the real-world application of our combined knowledge.” Abdullah also added that his time in the club has taught him the importance of teamwork, innovation, and the practical challenges of bringing ideas to fruition in the mobile development landscape. “Being a part of this club has significantly enriched my undergraduate experience, offering a practical avenue to apply my interests in computer science and business in a meaningful and impactful way. It has supplemented my academic knowledge and honed my leadership and project management skills, preparing me for a future in the tech industry.”

Osilan Abdulrahman

Image 2: Abdulrahman Osilan, Freshman, Pennsylvania State University-University Park Campus, Computer Science

Abdulrahman Osilan, a freshman at Pennsylvania State University majoring in Computer Science, has served as sports chairperson of Penn State’s South Arabian Student Association (SASA)since the beginning of the fall semester. The Association aims to celebrate South Asian culture through engagement within the university and local communities. Abdulrahman joined SASA to foster a sense of community among Saudi students and to share his rich culture with others. He added that, “the association has successfully orchestration several events including a Saudi National Day celebration, a traditional market, and many other gatherings which have attracted over 1,200 attendees and secured sponsorships from 14 different entities.” He noted, “This experience has significantly enriched my undergraduate journey by developing my leadership, organizational, and communication skills. It has also expanded my network and provided me with opportunities to build connections with people who have enriched my academic and personal life.”

Hassan WEC

Image 3: Hassan Almosapeeh, Freshman, University of Maryland-College Park, Computer Science

Hassan Almosapeeh, a freshman at the University of Maryland-College Park majoring in Computer Science, volunteered as an English tutor at the Washington English Center (WEC), an organization in Washington, DC providing affordable English-language instruction and workforce programs to adult immigrants. Hassan’s background in learning English and German and his interest in connecting with people from different cultures were motivators for becoming a volunteer. “This opportunity [helped me] develop various soft skills such as communication, planning, time management, and teamwork,” Hassan said. “The most interesting part of the experience was the students from whom I have learnt more… Above all, having this opportunity in my first semester played a huge part in helping me accept and get adjusted to my new [community]… I plan to continue helping others through teaching, and that’s why I’m hopefully going to teach science and math courses at local elementary schools this semester while taking a German speaking and composition course.”

The KGSP encourages students to participate in extracurricular activities throughout their undergraduate journeys. These activities help students build skills in leadership, communication, and time management, and foster enriching relationships with their university communities. Through their participation, students demonstrate intellectual curiosity while laying the foundation for a well-rounded academic experiences.