2023-24 Alumni Council Elected


The KGSP Alumni Program announced the election of its 2023-24 eight-member Alumni Council in November, marking the third seating of Council leaders. This year’s leaders will dedicate their time in the Council to further the impact of the Program’s Alumni Community through student mentorship, outreach, KGSP development-focused events, and professional development. The KGSP Alumni network spans over 450 alumni total, and collaboration between former students, the Program’s Alumni Lead and Advisor, works to foster lasting connections between the alumni body and current students.

Launched in 2021, the KGSP Alumni Council has since expanded its efforts to promote engagement with the alumni community, KGSP leadership, and current students. During the 2022-23 academic year, the Program saw an increase in alumni participation in KGSP events. Participation included alumni panels at Convocation and Pre-Departure Orientation, designed to provide current and incoming students with the opportunity to engage directly with former students. This year, the Alumni Office launched the KGSP Cast, a podcast series run by the alumni community to highlight alumni stories and interests across the expansive alumni network and current students. The Alumni office also launched the webinar series, “Alumni Company Talks” in October, a virtual gathering where former KGSP students discuss their career ventures and offer advice to current students on navigating the job application process and professional industries.

With the strides the alumni community has made in giving back to the KGSP community and in growing the alumni network, this year’s leaders say there is even more to look forward to. Farah Gomawi was elected Vice President of the 2023-24 Alumni Council. She graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a B.S. in Applied Mathematics in June 2023, and matriculated to KAUST where she is pursuing a master’s in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science. “In the coming year, my vision for KGSP Alumni and the program is to foster a stronger connection and smoother flow of information and opportunities among alums at KAUST, in the workforce, and current students,” Farah said. “The alumni council aims to facilitate meaningful interactions and establish effective communication channels. I aim to contribute to the Council's goals and help establish a clear vision for the future. It is crucial to assist current KGSP students in connecting with alums across diverse fields, supporting them in envisioning and exploring their career plans.” Farah also added that she ran for Alumni Council in order to actively engage with the alumni community and contribute to its growth. “It presents an excellent opportunity to connect with alums from different cohorts who bring diverse experiences. Moreover, it offers a chance to contribute to the goals of the alumni council, serving both alumni and current students.”

The KGSP is proud to announce this year’s Council members and looks forward to witnessing the impact of alumni initiatives in growing the alumni community, supporting current students, and contributing to the advancement of the KGSP’s goals in supporting the development of Saudi Arabia’s changemakers.

The 2023-24 KGSP Alumni Council:


Bader Abdalhameed M Almubarak

President – Bader Almubarak (Cohort-5) (University of California, Berkeley, Molecular and Cellular Biology)

Farah Adbulrazak M Gomawi

Vice President – Farah Gomawi (Cohort-10) (University of California, Los Angeles, Applied Mathematics)

Mohammed Ali H Alamer

Secretary – Mohammed Alamer (Cohort-9) (University of Wisconsin-Madison, Mechanical Engineering)

Ahmed Omar A Balubaid

Treasurer – Ahmed Balubaid (Cohort-10) (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering)

Events Coordinator – Mariam Yaghmour (Cohort-7) (University of California, San Diego, Chemistry)

Renad Mowaffaq A Bougis

Professional Development Coordinator – Renad Bougis (Cohort-7) (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Electrical Engineering)

Ibraheem Mohammed I Alsaghier

Outreach Chair – Ibraheem Alsaghier (Cohort-10) (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Computer Science)