Cohort 15 Arrivals


New York University freshman of Cohort 15 at Times Square

Image 1: New York University freshman of Cohort 15 at Times Square

The KGSP is thrilled to welcome the 96 students of Cohort 15, who arrived in the United States in early September to begin their accelerated impact journeys as students in the KGSP. 58 students of the incoming Cohort are starting their first year with the KGSP at prestigious universities across the country. The 38 other students are enrolled in the KGSP’s Foundation Year (FY) program, a preparatory program that equips students with the tools to lay solid foundations for their undergraduate careers. FY students will attend classes at partnering institutions, including North Carolina State University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the University of Texas at Austin.

Students were greeted by KGSP Advisors at various airports, who spent the days following arrivals assisting students with adjusting to their respective university communities. Advisors supported students by providing instructions on navigating campus communities and resources, adapting to living in the US, and assisted them with moving into their new apartments. “Adapting to a new environment can be challenging sometimes but with the help of KGSP advisors, the process is becoming much easier,” Rose Aljishi, an FY student attending North Carolina State University, said.


Image 2: Foundation Year students at North Carolina State University

KGSP Advisors Kristen Olsen and Troy Etter welcomed Columbia University and New York University freshmen at the John F. Kennedy airport in New York. On their students’ arrivals, Kristen and Troy shared that despite an exhausting journey, all students were enthusiastic and eager to explore the city and dive into their academic routines.

Mohammed Fidah, a freshman at Pennsylvania State University (PSU) majoring in Mechanical Engineering, said he looks most forward to having a great start to this undergraduate career. “I am preparing for the courses and finishing all the prerequisites. Another important thing is to actually start to be involved in the community.” Omar Alamer, a fellow PSU freshman and Mechanical Engineering major added, “I'm keen to establish a productive academic routine, enriched by friendships I hope to form, making the whole experience both successful and enjoyable.”

PSU Freshmen

Image 3: Freshmen from the KGSP’s Cohort 15 on campus at Pennsylvania State University

Cohort 15 students are joining an impressive student community with like-minded and intellectually gifted peers. They begin their journey with the KGSP as they explore academic interests and goals in STEM fields, a foundation of their possible future graduate enrollment at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), where they will contribute to the research, development, and innovative priorities under Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 initiative. The KGSP looks forward to supporting these new students through their efforts in becoming changemakers and leaders in the advancement of the Kingdom.