2022 Fall Site Visits


This Fall semester, KGSP Advisors visited campuses around the United States to meet with their students. These site visits are an excellent opportunity for students and advisors to connect in person to discuss how they are adapting to college life, learn more about campus resources, and get to know each other on a more personal level. Additionally, KGSP Advisors help to foster a greater sense of community by organizing fun group activities and events with fellow KGSP students.


Tiffany Hsiau with Zain Alsaif, a freshman at Oberlin

During her site visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison, KGSP Advisor Tiffany Hsiau was glad to see students in their natural element. She observed how KGSP students exhibited not only academic skills but also interpersonal and leadership skills, such as supporting their peers and helping plan for their biannual gathering. These students went above and beyond to make sure the gathering was a success, ordering food, reserving a room, and preparing games. When asked about it later, one student shared how comfortable it felt to be with everyone, comparing the gathering to a family reunion. Another student was impressed by the student leadership and involvement and said how it truly felt like a community where everyone could contribute.

Norah Alsharif

Norah Alsharif, a freshman at the University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Mechanical Engineering, also attended the gathering. When asked about how the KGSP is supporting her, Norah responded by saying, the “KGSP is providing me with resources to achieve high academic performance and engage in different activities that will help me in my career and higher education.”

Her KGSP Advisor, Tiffany Hsiau, applauds Norah for her resourcefulness, saying “as a direct-to-undergraduate student, Norah utilized all the resources on campus to supplement her studying for her courses. Some of these resources include going to drop-in hours at the learning center and taking advantage of tutoring as many KGSP students do. She is passionate about her major and can’t wait to enroll in mechanical engineering courses.”

Advisors make up a crucial component of the KGSP that help to promote the students’ educational and professional development. By learning more about students’ interests and interacting with them on campus, KGSP Advisors can better connect with the students and help to foster a stronger community.