REU Enrichment Highlight


This summer, nearly 20 KGSP students have been accepted into highly competitive Research Experience for Undergraduate (REU) programs where they will gain hands-on research experience working on distinct projects with faculty members and other undergraduates at host institutions throughout the US. KGSP students spend their summer months participating in various enrichment opportunities at research institutions, universities, and companies to gain hands-on experience in their academic fields.  The KGSP provides students with weekly Enrichment Digest during the academic year to inform students about exciting internships, fellowships, and extracurricular activities that they can participate in.

Two sophomores majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Ahmed Hamidaddeen and Saud Aljuhani, were both accepted to a University of Central Florida (UCF) REU site: Advanced Technologies for Hypersonic, Propulsive, Energetic and Reusable Platforms (HYPER). They are joined by three other KGSP students, who are also participating in projects at the HYPER REU at UCF. Last year, one KGSP student, Sara Algurab, a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, attended the HYPER REU and recommended the experience for other KGSP students who have interest in getting REU positions.

Ahmed hopes to get more research experience this summer saying, “The HYPER REU perfectly aligned with my interests. I am assigned to a project about Atmospheric Entry, Descent and Landing of Manned Mars Missions. This is an exciting project to work on that will introduce me to research.”

Saud AljuhaniSaud is working on the “Continuum-Level Life Prediction of Materials under Combined Extreme Environments” project and is eager to engage in research. “I look forward to learning ANSYs, a finite element program, and applying my mechanics of materials coursework in research.”

Tiffany Hsiau, their KGSP advisor, is pleased to see her students’ success in securing REU positions, knowing that the experience will positively impact their future academic and career goals. “Ahmed was diligent in applying to many summer research opportunities in the spring semester to increase his understanding of the mechanical engineering field. His involvement in this REU allows him to apply the concepts he has been learning in his classes to real-life situations,” said Tiffany. She continued, “I am very excited for Saud to not only gain practical experience with software simulations in this REU but to also expand his professional skills in networking and building relationships with peers, mentors, and faculty that will open new doors for him in the future.”

KGSP students will spend the next couple of months in the summer engaged in research projects that will improve and enhance their skills and knowledge in their academic fields. They will also apply the lessons they have learned in their foundational coursework.

                                                            Ahmed Hamidaddeen Equation
                               Ahmed standing in front of an equation that his student group were tasked to solve