Cohort 13 Foundation Year Progress


                                                                UIUC Students with FY Coordinator and KGSP Advisor Dani Walter
                                             UIUC Students with FY Coordinator and KGSP Advisor Dani Walter

The KGSP’s new Foundation Year of Cohort 13 students have completed their first semester in the United States! Throughout the fall term, students dutifully and ambitiously worked on improving their standardized test scores and writing ability to create standout college applications. With the experienced support of the KGSP’s Advising Team and the KGSP’s partner FY institutions, the students received guidance, resources, and instruction on how to grow professionally and personally.

For the fall semester, the KGSP FY institutions implemented immersive short-term certificates for students to participate in, building their skills in intercultural communication, cultural competency, and leadership.  Many of the courses incorporated interactive workshops with guest speakers and organized volunteer projects with the surrounding community. From these lessons, students learned how to harness their skills and abilities for not only self-improvement and academic achievement, but also communal and global progress and development. 

Abdulrahman Almana, a FY student at the University of Pennsylvania, Electrical Engineering

“I am interested in delving deep into renewable energy technology. Researching it in my undergraduate career will allow me to satisfy my passion while also helping further the technological advancements that will, in turn, allow us to prosper a greener planet”

Madhawi Alharbi, a FY student at Pennsylvania State University, Biomedical Engineering

“I am interested in Biomaterials Engineering and Bio-instrumentation. I hope that I can modernize current medical devices and instruments, further enhancing the health of patients around the world. I am especially interested in resolving the lack of excretion treatments for bladder-removal patients.”

Zainab Alyousef, a FY student at North Carolina State University, Chemical Engineering

I’m really looking forward to taking Chemistry and Chemistry lab while participating in creative art clubs at NCSU and making new friends.

When students start their Spring semester, they will continue studying STEM comprehension classes, integrated with main campus students, which will help prepare them for undergraduate coursework. The students are excited for their next semester and are eagerly awaiting their college acceptance letters! The KGSP’s newest members are well on their way to growing academically and professionally. The KGSP anticipates many significant achievements from this Cohort as they continue their education and start their journey into becoming experts in their fields of study.