Saudi National Day


On September 23rd, KGSP students in the U.S. participated in Saudi National Day celebrations at their respective universities. Organized by Saudi cultural clubs at the universities, they celebrated the special occasion with fellow Saudi students. The events also served as an opportunity to represent their country and educate the larger student body of the significance of the event and about Saudi culture and society. For KGSP students, this holiday commemorates KAUST’s inaugural ceremony, held 12 years ago at Thuwal, where King Abdullah Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, expressed his dream for the University and its purpose to become a beacon of scientific knowledge and tolerance.

As part of this dynamic KGSP community, the students are connected to KAUST’s vision to advance technological innovation, economic development, and social prosperity through scientific discovery. To commemorate Saudi National Day, KGSP students, who are some of the Kingdom’s brightest young scholars, were asked, “How do you wish to contribute to the future of Saudi Arabia?” Below are two of the notable responses from students.
Mustafa Almutawa

“As a KGSP student, I am part of an ecosystem that is constantly pushing the limits of scientific discovery and providing practical solutions to real-world problems. By utilizing KGSP's valuable opportunities and excelling in my education, I hope to gain the necessary skills, knowledge, and exposure that enable me to give back to my country. Specifically, I want to contribute to the digital and technological transformations Saudi Arabia is demonstrating on its way to achieve Vision 2030 and become a world leader in different fields.” - Mustafa Almutawa, a Junior at University of Massachusetts, Amherst, majoring in Computer Science

Nawaf Aldrees
“I am interested in theoretical physics research and academia. I aim to mirror KGSP's vision in creating a world-class infrastructure for STEM research in the Kingdom. I hope to be among the Saudi youth who manifest their potential for excellence in physics, both through conducting research and enhancing all stages of our education system." - Nawaf Aldrees, a Sophomore at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, majoring in Physics

With the KGSP’s academic and pre-professional support, the students can pursue their STEM-based bachelor’s degrees at top-tier universities in the U.S. and prepare for graduate studies at KAUST. The students’ experiences and accomplishments will serve as a vital pipeline of skills and knowledge that will advance the goals of KAUST and the Kingdom.