2020-2021 University Acceptances

65 KGSP Foundation Year (FY) students spent the past year building up their academic profiles and skills to earn undergraduate admission to top STEM Bachelor of Science programs in the United States. Even under the conditions of a global pandemic, this year’s FY students demonstrated strong academic performance, impressive standardized testing results, and impassioned personal statements to distinguish themselves in their university applications, resulting in notable university acceptances to Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brown University, Cornell University, Columbia University, University of California, Los Angeles, University of California, Berkeley, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, and University of Texas at Austin.  

With the support of the KGSP Advising Team, students worked diligently attending STEM-focused university preparatory programming, while also developing competitive university applications. Although this year’s FY Programming was entirely virtual, students made impressive progress:  Seventy-four percent earned a SAT Math score of 750 or above, with 34% earning a perfect SAT Math score, a record high. In fact, the FY class of 2020/21 earned the highest average scores across all three standardized testing metrics:  TOEFL, SAT Math, and SAT Verbal.

Additionally, Arwa Karim, a Foundation Year student at University of Pennsylvania, became the first FY student to be selected for the prestigious Qimam Fellowship! Six KGSP undergraduates have also been accepted into this year’s Fellowship cohort, continuing a trend of KGSP students becoming Qimam Fellows since its inception in 2018. With a year of many challenges, Arwa and her FY peers exhibited great perseverance and resolve to succeed in the first year as KGSP students. As they continue to grow in the program and pursue their undergraduate education, the KGSP anticipates that many more great accomplishments will emerge from this year’s FY students!