Women In STEM

As a follow up to the KGSP Virtual Program Orientation (VPO) held in July, the KGSP organized a variety of sessions throughout the late summer and early fall to provide additional information and advice to its newest students, while also continuing to foster student engagement and relationships among the larger KGSP community. In September, the Program hosted a “Women in STEM” session specifically designed to support female students in utilizing campus and KGSP resources to supplement their education and augment their academic profiles.

The session provided historical and contemporary examples of pioneering women in STEM, and discussed with students the opportunities they have as part of a growing global emphasis on increasing female participation in these fields. The KGSP Advisors who facilitated the session were joined by four contributing panelists who shared their expertise:

  • Fatimah Alshaikh, a senior at Brown University majoring in Applied Mathematics-Computer Science
  • Lama Bahanan, a junior at Georgia Tech majoring in Biomedical Engineering
  • Dana Alburi, a KAUST graduate student studying Biology and KGSP alumna
  • Special guest Dr. Meena Saleh, an Adult Clinical Neuropsychologist in private practice

All four women shared inspiring stories of academic and personal growth gained through their experiences in STEM, with discussion topics ranging from why they chose to study STEM, the importance of developing diligent study practices, how to best search for internship and research projects, and feeling confident in the classroom.  

Lama Bahanan credited the KGSP for providing her with the resources and opportunities to grow personally and academically, and she encouraged her peers to “Be confident in your abilities and grasp every opportunity like it is yours.”

One of the ways that the KGSP supports students is through the Program’s Enrichment Team, which provides an expansive list of research enrichment opportunities and resources, as well as matching and application support. These services ensure that KGSP students have a multitude of options to enhance their education and professional ambitions as future leaders in their fields.

Here you can read about Noura Bo Khamsin, another stellar KGSP student, taking advantage of the enrichment resources available to her through the KGSP!