Students Participate in Convocation Planning


Next month, over 500 attendees will gather for the 2019 KGSP Convocation in Orlando, Florida.  This annual event brings together the Program’s student community with KAUST faculty and leadership, allowing students the opportunity to learn more about the university’s latest innovations in research and development, to attend a wide range of developmental and academic training sessions, and to support students’ meaningful interactions with the research and faculty within their future areas of graduate study.

“Our goal serving on the Student Steering Committee is to provide new ideas and suggestions on the event’s theme and content from students’ perspective,” said Hadi Alzayer, Chair of this year’s committee. “Involving students in the decision-making process is essential to having a successful and engaging event, and this is one of the unique aspects of KGSP.”  

While serving on the Committee, students gain professional experience in advanced project management, collaboration, and creative content development.

Says Basem Eraqi, Chief Networker for the Committee The KGSP community is full of talented people with amazing experiences.  Facilitating involvement among hundreds of students at different universities across the country enables us to showcase the best of these talents and experiences—and is a valuable networking skill that I have gained while participating in this Committee.”

The KGSP looks forward to a memorable and enriching 2019 Convocation!