Foundation Year Student Tutoring


The KGSP University Placement and Advising teams provide a variety of additional support options outside of the classroom, ensuring that all Foundation Year students are exceptionally prepared for the college application process by strengthening students’ abilities in both the standardized entrance exams and in writing.  One of the most effective of these methods has been individual tutoring, proven to significantly increase test scores and essay quality above that which could be achieved from classroom study alone.  KGSP works with each partner university to identify and employ highly qualified tutors to work directly with each student in his or her specific area of need.

 “The one-on-one tutoring immensely helped me understand the material better,” says Mohammed Alnamkani of the University of California, Berkeley Foundation Year, “and I encourage other FY students to take advantage of it!” Mohammed received both SAT Reasoning and TOEFL tutoring, and his scores improved an impressive 190 points and 17 points, respectively. 


University of California-Berkley FY Students with their KGSP FY Advisor

This year’s Foundation Year students immediately recognized that tutoring could help them obtain the types of test scores and writing skills necessary to secure admission at the most selective undergraduate universities—and with impressive results:  In the SAT Reasoning, Math section, 13 students have achieved perfect scores, and over three-quarters have scored above the 90 percentile nationwide.  Similarly, 68 percent of students now have TOEFL scores above 100. 

KGSP encourages future Foundation Year students to start engaging in both SAT and TOEFL practice during the summer, if not sooner—this early preparation has demonstrable positive effects on final scores, as students become familiar with the exams, boost their confidence, and have more time to see significant improvement. It’s never too early to start!