Student Enrichment Spotlight: Yousif Aldolaijan



Yousif Aldolaijan, DSEF Researcher

For the second consecutive year, Yousif Aldolijan, is spending his summer conducting research on Distributed Systems Experimentation Framework (DSEF) at the University of Southern California’s Networked Systems Lab with Dr. Wyatt Lloyd.  Yousif is a Sophomore majoring in Computer Science at USC.

Yousif’s research focuses on connecting computers through a shared network. This network creates an expansion of functions that are impossible to attain using a single machine; in other words, the sum is greater than the whole. DSEF also provides verifiable results without the dependence on system-specific scripts. Sometimes system-specific scripts can be faulty, or incompatible with different hardware, so this allows for a greater flow of information.  He has identified four specific goals for his Distributed Systems research: (1) measure hardware performance, (2) create better storage and access to data, (3) develop a process by which any distributed system can be made to utilize DSEF, and (4) support test beds seeking to ensure the portability of DSEF.  
Yousif is excited to build upon his previous research on DSEF and learn more about the field from graduate students and professors through collaboration and hands-on research. This enriching opportunity also gives him the chance to continue working on a promising project that could have a substantial impact on distributed systems evaluation.


Yousif working at his office to improve the DSEF

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