The KGSP alumni network spans over 450 alumni total. With majority of KGSP students matriculating to KAUST following their undergraduate studies, the Program's Alumni Council and Lead works to facilitate and maintain connections between the alumni body. 




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Alumni News

KGSP Alumni Council Dinner

On September 4th, the KGSP Alumni Council hosted a welcome dinner for new KGSP Alumni beginning their graduate studies at KAUST to help them connect with the larger KGSP Alumni Community.  This dinner was the first event that the Council organized this academic year and served as an introduction of the Council and its future initiatives to the new KGSP Alumni at KAUST.


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Many of the new alumni have not had an opportunity to gather in three years due to the pandemic. Over 59 alumni attended the dinner and warmly welcomed the new alumni as they start their academic careers as KAUST graduate students. To celebrate this momentous achievement, the new members were honored with a red-carpet reception where they could connect with current alumni at KAUST and participate in fun interactive activities through the night.


The welcome dinner demonstrates that the KGSP community extends beyond students who are currently on the program in the United States. It is a community that remains for life. With their shared experience as KGSP students, alumni represent the success of the KGSP, highlighting its impact in Saudi Arabia. 


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"The effect that the KGSP has on the Kingdom is immense and ranges from academia to industry and entrepreneurship. As of this year, we have more than 400 alumni working in leading companies, conducting research at universities around the world, changing the economic landscape of the Kingdom through startups, and supporting the goals of Vision 2030. Your journey with the KGSP started back in High School when you applied to join the community which continues to support you now. Upon graduating from your universities in the U.S., your link to the KGSP was not severed, rather a new one was forged, a new channel leading you to the next node in your life where we as your Council will make sure you continue to be provided with the opportunities and support that have forged us into who we are today.”- Opening Remarks by Nwaf Alamro, Vice President of the KGSP Alumni Council.