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Alumni News

KGSP Participants Awarded Prestigious Rhodes Scholarship

Three Saudi Arabian undergraduates have been awarded the prestigious Rhodes Scholarship to pursue postgraduate study at the University of Oxford next year, all of whom are alumni of one or more of KAUST’s leading Young Talent Development programs. 

Ghada Al Shalan

Ghadah Mohammed T Al Shalan: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BSc Physics Spring 2021 (Expected)

  • KAUST International Science Competition Training Institutes (2015, 2016, & 2017)
  • KAUST Saudi Research Science Institute (2016)
  • KAUST Gifted Student Undergraduate Program (2017-2021)

ALSHANGITI, Omar 2018 (1)

Omar Mohammed H Alshangiti: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, BS Material Science and Engineering & BS Chemistry Spring 2021 (Expected)

  • KAUST Gifted Student Foundation Year Program (2016-17)
  • KAUST Gifted Student Undergraduate Program (2017-2021)

Mneera Abdullah Saud

Mneerah Abdullah Saud: Brown University, BA Computer Science May 2020

  • KAUST Gifted Student Foundation Year Program (2015-16)

The Rhodes Scholars 2021 cohort is the first ever to include three students from Saudi Arabia, who join just 97 other recipients worldwide.  Read more about this impressive achievement at KAUST News and on Twitter.