Fall Virtual Learning Interview

As social distancing restrictions were implemented at universities throughout the United States this fall, many KGSP students enrolled in classes remotely, either from the United States or Saudi Arabia.  

The dedicated team of KGSP Advisors are committed to maintaining a positive and effective advising relationship as students continued their education virtually. This important aspect of the Program ensures KGSP students maintain their academic progress, and have the resources to continue pursuing their goals, even while experiencing an atypical semester of learning.

In an interview with KGSP Undergraduate Advising Lead Stafford Oliver, Ahmed Aljohani, a junior majoring in Biology at Emory University, discusses virtual learning and the impact that it has had on his fall semester. Their conversation highlights the necessity of effective time management, the importance of utilizing university and KGSP resources, and the need to take advantage of supplemental skill-building exercises.