KGSP Student Spotlights

On their home university campuses, KGSP students take advantage of many fun and educational activities to explore the intersection of their academic and personal interests. Engagement with activities outside the classroom is highly encouraged by the KGSP, as such opportunities allow students to expand their knowledge, broaden their social network, and develop their professional business acumen; qualities that will benefit and enrich their development both as students and as future leaders. 

Learn more about projects KGSP students participated in during the fall 2019 semester:

Bader Abdulmajeed  
Bader Abdulmajeed
, a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh, is the senior staff photojournalist for The Pitt News (TPN), University of Pittsburgh’s independent student newspaper that covers daily university news, culture, sports, and campus events to promote discourse on campus and inform the student body of pertinent issues affecting college students.

By joining TPN, Bader was able to pursue his interest in documentary photography. He says that working as a photojournalist for TPN “… has given me an insight on how a professional environment would be like. It taught me how to interact with my co-workers, identify my responsibility, and meet expectations”.  In addition, he was able to make many new friends in different majors and academic years with the other TPN staff.

Mohannad Jabrah 
On campus at Brown University, Mohannad Jabrah, a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering, is an active member of the Engineering Medical Care Change (EMC^2) Project.  The team is led by undergraduate students interested in the cross-functionality of neuroscience, engineering, and computer science research, working together to create a wireless electroencephalography (EEG) system to detect early onset seizures for epilepsy patients. Serving as the lead of the Neuroscience team of the project, Mohannad appreciates the environment of like-minded engineers that he can work with. He believes his participation in this multi-disciplinary project will provide him instrumental insight to chemical engineering and its applications to the biomedical field.

Lujain Al Jumah  
Lujain Al Jumah, a freshman at University of Wisconsin-Madison majoring in Biomedical Engineering, joined the Wisconsin Engineer Magazine (WEM) as a staff writer and graphic designer. The student-run magazine publishes four issues annually, serving as a source of engineering, science, and technology news throughout the campus. 

Lujain is happy to have the opportunity to exercise her hobbies in writing and graphic design by her position, saying that “being a part of the Magazine allows me to learn about the vast world of engineering in a fun environment with valuable knowledge in every story of every issue… It has been an enriching opportunity so far and I look forward to having my first story published in the Spring issue!”