Student Spotlight: Rawan Alshehri, Sophomore at Emory University

Rawan Alshehri, a Sophomore at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia and a recipient of the KAUST Gifted Student Program, shines as an emerging leader both within KGSP and at her home institution.  She began her KGSP journey as a direct-to-undergraduate admission in 2017, and has excelled academically in her first three semesters of her rigorous program studying chemistry. 

After her freshman year, Rawan secured a summer research position at Emory with Ph.D. Candidate Siying Cen.  The purpose of the research addressed testing to see if the aggregation of amyloid peptides, which cause Alzheimer's disease could have been caused by a bacteria that is found in the gut.  This experience provided Rawan with hands-on research experience and serves as a foundation for her future opportunities.

As a result of her outstanding academic achievements, Rawan is serving others now as a Teaching Assistant for CHEM 202L - Principles of Reactivity Lab.  Rawan is thriving in the position while also managing her own demanding coursework, demonstrating a commendable ambition to spread her passion for chemistry to others.

Rawan’s career ambition is to become a university professor; her academic achievements, research, and peer support are setting her up for success in reaching her goal.