Summer Poster Competition


As part of the this summer’s KGSP Internship Program at KAUST, 38 rising seniors spent nine to twelve weeks working on individual research projects under the mentorship of KAUST faculty.  The experience culminated in poster competitions held in both July and August, at which each student presented to the university’s academic community a professional poster of his/her research. First, Second, and Third Place winners were chosen after a rigorous evaluation of research technique, visual representation, and oral presentation.  

KGSP is pleased to announce the following winners:

July Poster Competition

  • First Place: Rawan Al Yahya majoring in computer science at University of Arizona

    KAUST Faculty Mentor: Peter Wonka
    Poster Title: “Procedural Generation of Indoor Scenes”

  • Second Place Winner: Ghanimah Abuhaimed majoring in physics at University of Colorado Boulder

    KAUST Faculty Mentor: Aamir Farooq
    Poster Title: “Laughing Gas and Climate Change: How Are They Related?”

  • Third Place Winner: Hasan Eid majoring in mechanical engineering at University of Wisconsin-Madison
    KAUST Faculty Mentor: Taous-Meriem Laleg-Kirati

    Poster Title: “Lyapunov-Based Economic Model of Predictive Control for Differential Algebraic Equations”

    Second Place winner, Ghanimah Abuhaimed, presenting her research work to other KGSP students

    August Poster Competition

  • First Place Winner: Ammar Alqatari majoring in computer science at Stanford University, Computer Science

    KAUST Faculty Mentor: Xin Gao
    Poster Title: “Convolutional Sequence to Sequence Learning to Improve Nanopore Basecalling Efficiency”

  • Second Place Winner: Reham Alharbi majoring in chemical engineering at University of California, Irvine

    KAUST Faculty Mentor: Deanna Lacoste
    Poster Title: “Toward the Development of a Comprehensive Silane Oxidation Kinetic Mechanism”

  • Third Place WinnerHamzah Alzanbaki majoring in bio engineering at Oregon State University - Corvallis
    KAUST Faculty Mentor: Salim Al Babili
    Poster Title: “Toward the Development of a Comprehensive Silane Oxidation Kinetic Mechanism”


First place winner, Ammar Alqatari, presenting his research work to other KGSP students

Second place winner, Reham Alharbi, research focused on “Toward the Development of a Comprehensive Silane Oxidation Kinetic Mechanism”

“More than winning the poster competition, it was even a greater experience to share my research with my KGSP peers and the KAUST community,” said first place winner Rawan Al Yahya. “I had the opportunity to develop my presentation skills in a formal setting and share the great things I did and learned while working in the visual computing center at KAUST. Carrying out this experience will prepare me for future oral presentations.

Congratulations to the 2018 winners!  Poster presentations are available to view here.