Shaden Albahrani

Chemical Engineering
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State

Student Profile:

The best thing about KGSP:

The great network of support and resources available and meeting a diverse group of like-minded people
My research interests include:
Renewables, food and water sustainability, waste management
In my free time I like to:
Focus on self-care by doing things that bring me peace such as meditating, reading, writing (mostly poetry)
In 10 years I hope to:
Be working to raise awareness on environmental issues and the importance of sustainable practices, in addition to doing research on renewables and energy sustainability to diversify Saudi Arabia’s energy sources while practicing sustainability.
My advice to new KGSP students:
Don’t let fear or intimidation be the barrier between you and your dreams.  Even when feeling lost, express yourself!  Be proud of your accomplishments but also maintain humility.
The club or student organization I enjoy the most:
VT Expressions, a club geared towards encouraging self-expression through any mode of art.
My favorite experience during my FY program:
Getting accustomed to life in the US with a group of people who became family to me.