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Project 47: Catalytic reaction engineering for clean combustion

Suitable Majors

Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering

Research Area

Catalysis, kinetics, reaction engineering, computational chemistry

Internship Description

​The purpose of the project is to improve the catalysis of industrial processes through making an effective catalyst and optimizing the reactor conditions for maximum yield and selectivity. Two research strategies will be employed: experimental and computational. Experimental results will be obtained from a stagnation flow chamber that was built for this project in our lab. The experimental results will be verified by comparison to literature. Simulations will also be conducted, using CHEMKIN for example, and plotted against the experimental results for accuracy determination.


The student should have interest and/or expertise in one of the following areas: computer programming, life cycle assessment, reaction engineering, chemical thermodynamics, quantum chemistry, and combustion simulations​.


​The outcome of the project will be a model that accurately determines the reaction output and allows for process optimization. The model will be based on both experimental results obtained in the lab and computationl calculations.

Other Comments

​Int​ernship dates: 19 May to 26 July


Physical Sciences and Engineering

Faculty Name

Mani Sarathy