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Project 35: Novel semiconductor materials and devices

Suitable Majors

Applied Mathematics, Chemical Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Optics, Physics

Research Area

Cutting-edge wide-bandgap semiconductor devices 

Internship Description

There are three objectives the student should accomplish:
1. Master scientific skills of solving research problems.
2. Form productive ways of working in a professional research place.
3. Build teamwork and interpersonal skill.

There are two methods and rules to ensure the internship is successful.
1. The interns should follow senior PhD students and postdocs in the research to learn and thrive.
2. The interns are expected to work hard during the internship. Past Saudi and non-Saudi interns work 70-80 hours per week on average which have turned out to be great for their career as reflected by their published papers and patent applications at KAUST.


Calculus, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Matlab, Origin, Solid state physics, Electromagnetics, Engineering / Applied quantum mechanics


The students are expected to publish co-authored papers or filed U.S. patent applications. The KGSP summer students in 2017 in my group have publishing a number of papers.​​​

Other Comments

​Internship dates: 19 May to 26 July or 23 June to 29 August or 7 July to 14 September


Computer, Electrical and Mathematical Sciences and Engineering

Faculty Name

Xiaohang Li