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Project 5: Probing Body Metabolism using Organic Electrochemical Transistors

Suitable Majors

Bioengineering, Biological Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Material Science and Engineering

Research Area

Organic Bioelectronics​​

Internship Description

Development of a metabolite and ion sensor.
Methodology​: Fabrication of sensors, Electrical characterization of sensors, detecting metabolites and ions in body fluids​


​Basic lab safety protocols, an overview of organic electronic materials, transistor operation, biosensors


A full understanding of electrolyte gated transistor operation and of the parameters that affect sensor performance

Other Comments

​Internship date: 19 May to 26 July, 23 June to 29 August, 7 July to 14 September​


Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Faculty Name

Sahika Inal