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Project 2: Engineering Supramolecular Porous Nanomaterials for Biomedical and Gas Separation Applications

Suitable Majors

Bioengineering, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry

Research Area

Nanotechnology / Organic Chemistry

Internship Description

Design and synthesize novel nanostructures that are based on supramolecular interactions and metal coordination to serve as smart materials for biomedical and gas separation applications.​ The work will depend on molecule synthesis using organic chemistry tools and then material characterization using analytical tools at KAUST such as NMR, TEM, SEM, IR.....Finally testing the platform for real life application.​


Undergraduate organic chemistry lab​ experience


- Successful preparation and characterization of the compound of interest.
- Contributing to a research paper as an author

Other Comments

Internship dates​: 7 July to 14 September


Physical Sciences and Engineering

Faculty Name

Niveen M. Khashab