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Project 1: Agricultural Genomics – how modern molecular biology will help to feed humanity in the future

Suitable Majors

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Computer Science

Research Area

Biology / Genomics / Agricultural Research​​​

Internship Description

The objective of this research project is to get familiar with the most recent advancements in genomics, DNA sequencing and bioinformatics.

We face the enormous challenge that agricultural production needs to double in the coming 30 years in order to produce enough food for 9-10 billion people that will live on this planet by 2050. During the past decade, genomics has found its way into plant breeding. It is nowadays possible to use the genetic and genomic information to breed crop cultivars that produce higher yields and that are tolerant to diseases, drought, and heat. We are using these cutting-edge genomic tools to unravel the genetic and molecular basis of stress adaptation in cereal plants, including wheat, barley, and rice. This internship offers the possibility to get a comprehensive insight into this exciting research area. Students will be exposed to molecular biology work in the lab, bioinformatics analyses of DNA sequences and the concepts of plant breeding.

Methodology: Molecular Biology, DNA Sequencing, Bioinformatic analyses of large datasets. 


The student should show a strong interest in bioinformatics and molecular biology. Previous experience in laboratory work and informatics are of advantage but not required.​ 


The student will get a comprehensive overview on modern molecular biology work and bioinformatics in the framework of cereal genetics and crop improvement.​​​

Other Comments

Internship dates: 19 May to 26 July​


Biological and Environmental Sciences and Engineering

Faculty Name

Simon Krattinger