Omar Alqahtani

Mechanical Engineering
University of Wisconsin Madison

Student Profile:

The best thing about KGSP:
KGSP has a strong community of future leaders of Saudi Arabia. It is easy to get to know you everyone in your cohort, and create relationships that last a lifetime.
My research interests include:
I’m interested in exploring the fields of Nanomaterials, Mechatronics, Biomechanics, and Quantum Mechanics.
In my free time I like to:
Do crossword puzzles, play chess, draw, or watch movies and anime.
My advice to new KGSP students:
Be diligent, patient, and always strive to be your best self.
My favorite KGSP experience/event so far:
The annual Engagement Event. It’s always fun to meet everyone at least once a year, building that strong KGSP community!