Nawaf Alotaibi

Mechanical Engineering
Georgia Institute of Technology

Student Profile:

‚ÄčResearch Interests 
- Fluid Dynamics 
- Motor Robotics 
- Automation 
- Design and Robotics 
- Mechatronics
- Sensors 
In my free time, I like to:
Take a walk, or explore new places to clear my mind.
In ten years I hope to be:
Leading a lab in autonomous vehicles safety and human machine interaction.
My advice for new KGSP students would be: 
Learn to manage and control your time. Good time management will make you more successful.
The club or student organization I enjoy the most is: 
The Georgia Tech Muslim Students Association (GT MSA).
My favorite KGSP experience/event so far:  
The Engagement event because it shows me where KAUST is heading.
Academic Conferences  
American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
- 7th International Conference on Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, 2017