Fahad Bagdadi

University of California-Los Angeles

Student Profile:

The best thing about the KGSP:
I have a full support network that evaluates my abilities and potential, then supports me to be the best I can be, all while giving me the freedom to pursue and explore my interests.
My research interests include:
Gravitational wave astronomy, ion propulsion, the technological singularity risk management, quantum theory, astrobiology, strong Artificial Intelligence, string theory.
In my free time I like to:
When you are doing things you love and find important the concept of “free time” begins to bear little significance. I spend my time working towards my goals, studying and learning from life, and expressing myself through art, mainly writing and spoken word.
In 10 years I hope to:
Be Conducting research on strong Artificial Intelligence or a unifying theory of physics and taking the first steps towards building a space station in Saudi Arabia ( a bit ambitious, but someone has to do it).
My advice to new KGSP students:
Dream big, but remember that dreams are only actualized through work. Be confident and stay humble.
The club or student organization I enjoy the most:
UCLA Fencing, and the Art Engagement Network at UCLA
What I like most about studying in the United States:
The opportunity to learn and work in some of the best scientific and technological hubs in the world.
My favorite KGSP experience/event so far:
Collaborating with KGSP staff member Melanie Blanchard, who helped me to set a plan of action to actualize my priorities.