Frequently Asked Questions


What does the KGSP Scholarship include?

Each KGSP student receives:
·         Full tuition and fees
·         Monthly living stipend
·         Health insurance
·         Relocation ticket from home location in Saudi Arabia to U.S. program location, plus additional relocation/visa assistance
·         One round-trip ticket to Saudi Arabia annually
·         Comprehensive program orientation at KAUST prior to departure
·         Extensive arrival orientations at your U.S. institution
·         Academic advising services
·         Undergraduate university application & placement services (for students in the preparatory programs)
·         Academic enrichment and holistic development programs

I don’t have a passport.  Should I get one?

Yes.  If awarded the KGSP scholarship, we will work with you to secure a student visa for study in the United States. A visa cannot be processed without a valid passport, so we recommend getting one as soon as possible.

I already have admission to a university in the United States.  Can I go there if I am awarded the KGSP scholarship?

During the KGSP application process, you will be asked to indicate whether you have applied or been admitted to a US university. We evaluate each KGSP applicant on a case-by-case basis to ensure that the institution and field of study is aligned to KGSP and future fields at KAUST. If we deem your chosen university a suitable match, you may be approved to enter directly into your undergraduate studies through KGSP.

Should I take an English language exam before applying to the KGSP?

KGSP candidates are required to submit an English assessment as part of the application process.  The TOEFL exam is recommended. Applicants who have not submitted an English language exam result but appear to be strong candidates may be asked to take a KAUST-administered English exam as part of the selection process.
May I apply to the KGSP if I have low English proficiency?
KGSP evaluates each applicant's English test results to ascertain his or her ability to succeed in an English-medium classroom. Students at an intermediate level and who need extra support may be placed in an ESL program for one year at the beginning of their time with the KGSP. Applicants with unsatisfactory English test results will not be admitted to the KGSP.

Application Process

I would like to study medicine.  May I apply to the KGSP?

No.  All KGSP students return to KAUST to complete graduate studies immediately upon completing their undergraduate programs, and medicine is not a major that appropriately aligns with one of KAUST’s 12 fields of study in STEM-related areas. 
How can I apply for the KGSP Scholarship?
Currently, applications to KGSP are by invitation only.
If you have not received an invitation but believe that you are qualified for the KGSP, please email your National ID number, most recent high school GPA, SAT score, and any English test scores to KGSP.application@kaust.edu.sa
If we deem you a suitable candidate, we will invite you to apply for the KGSP.
I have received an invitation to apply to the KGSP. Does that mean I'm accepted to the Program?
Receiving an invitation to apply is the first step of the application process and does not guarantee admission to the KGSP. All applicants go through a rigorous review and selection process that includes a personal interview and a thorough evaluation of your academic and extracurricular credentials.
How long do I have to complete and submit my application?
The application due date will be indicated in your invitation email. To expedite the review process, please ensure that all of the application requirements are enclosed in your submission.
What is the difference between conditional acceptance and final acceptance?
Conditional acceptance is awarded to students who meet the initial admissions criteria. Final acceptance is contingent upon receipt of satisfactory final high school grades and examination scores (Tahseli and Qodorat). The conditions to receive a final acceptance are clearly outlined in the conditional offer letter: Only applicants who meet these conditions will receive a final acceptance letter.
Is there a specific form or format for recommendation letters?
No. Instructors may submit recommendation letters online via the KGSP application website or email them directly to KGSP.application@kaust.edu.sa. Recommendation letters must be written in English.
What documents are we required to submit?
In order to successfully complete your application, you must upload scanned copies of your:
·         National ID
·         Saudi Passport
·         Grade 10, 11 and 12 transcripts
·         5x5-inch photo (headshot)
·         Screenshot of your Qodorat, Tahseli, STEP, TOEFL and SAT scores
·         Two recommendation letters from your science and math instructors
·         The medical form
·         MOE registration form
·         MOE pledge form
·         MOE signed release

What are the minimum required scores for Qodorat and Tahseli?
Although KGSP does not have an official threshold for these exams, most successful applicants have achieved test scores in the top 2% nationally.
What type of personal statement do you require as part of your application?
The KGSP application will prompt you to submit a personal statement. Your response should be approximately 250-500 words and demonstrate a clear and organized writing style that allows the admissions committee to get to know you and assess your suitability for the program.  
Am I required to take the SAT exams?
No, but high SAT scores significantly increase an applicant's competitiveness.
I am in an American Diploma/Non-Saudi-based program, are Qodorat and Tahseli required for me?


Do I have to decide on a college major right away?

Only applicants declaring a field in a logical precursor to one of KAUST’s 12 fields of study in STEM-related areas are considered.  Students who wish to change their college major after being admitted to the program will need to go through the KGSP Change of Major approval process.
If accepted, when would I be departing to the US?
Depending on your program start date, students typically depart to the US in mid-August.
Additional questions
If I have a question that was not addressed here, who should I contact?
Please email us directly at KGSP.application@kaust.edu.sa.
You may also fill out a General Enquiries Form.