Eman M Alhajji

Al Jubail Industrial City
Materials Science and Engineering
North Carolina State University

Student Profile:


‚ÄčThe best thing about the KGSP:

Meeting great minds
My research interests include:
Energy harvesting and energy storage
In my free time I like to:
Be exposed to new experiences, both academically and personally
I believe studying science and engineering is important because: 
Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics address the need to push the limits of existing solutions, through creating knowledge that leads to tangible actions. 
My advice to new KGSP students:
Always welcome challenges and view them as opportunities- live and expand!
What I like most about studying in the United States:
The diverse group of faculty, staff, and classmates I meet on a daily basis, and how this interaction evolves into learning.  
My favorite KGSP experience/event so far: 
My research internship at KAUST after junior year. I enjoyed every aspect of the KAUST community- the research atmosphere, the social events, and the dynamic yet relaxed environment.